Day 8 - MacKenzie Club to Jolivet

22 APRIL - 30 April 2022

Day 8 – MacKenzie Club to Jolivet

The first 40k’s of day 8 could be the most amazing riding you will ever do as you scream out yelps of joy till the cows come home: Yankee Doodle, Murray’s Meander, Tosbiba’s, Tamika’s detour will delight

There is often an internal wish that the day could just be over when you get to water point 1. The memories of flying down Nick’s Pass and then absolutely caning it down to the Umkomaas River will linger as you feast at the water point.

But then… then you have to climb out of the Umkomaas Valley and that’s when you get to Iconic which is arguably the toughest climb of joberg2c. Naturally this is also an Isuzu low-range climb. This is where you swear at the organisers and where moods are tested. It is rideable and it is mountain biking so toughen up and ride it. Once on top of Iconic there is some great forest riding to the end.

Day 8 is the last official day of racing. You will be tested! The Karan Beef steaks and the ice cold drinks will taste particularly sweet. The journey is almost done.

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No Valley too steep, no Mountain too high, no river too deep.

Distance: 97km
Ascent: 1900m
Descent: 1500m

Water Point 1 at 39km, run by Maritzburg College
Water Point 2 at 66km, run by Lynford School
Water Point 3 at 85Km, run by Noahs Ark

Race village hosted by Highflats Farmers Association

Jolivet is a combination of farming communities and rural communities, living side by side, in a bustling trading environment. Situated near the town of Highflats there are always taxi’s, logging trucks and delivery trucks carrying their goods to wholesalers, depots and other outlets.

The Highflats Farmers Association do an enormous amount of upliftment work in the community. And they will be braaiing your tender Karan Beef steaks and probably drinking you under the table.

This race village didn’t just happen – it was the vision of Farmer Glen and Mandy to create something permanent to host passionate mountain bikers. The result is quite outstanding. Enjoy your last night in the comfort of your tent or in the slightly raucous pub.

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