Day 7 - Glencairn Farm to MacKenzie Club

22 APRIL - 30 April 2021

Day 7 – Glencairn Farm to MacKenzie Club

Day 7 could be considered a bit of rest day in comparison to what you have been through. However there is just a frenzy of single track through forests, over floating bridges.

You are now in Sappi and Clover country – as you move from one forest to the next. Don’t ever under estimate this proper mountain bike day.

Look out for the wonderful lush indigenous forest called the Xumeni Forest, home of the Cape Parrot.

The folks at McKenzie club are seasoned pros at looking after riders and you should be able to get some good rest for the massive day 8 which lies ahead.

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We are now in Sappi and Clover country – as we move from one forest to the next and from one dairy farm to the next. The single track is fast and flowing and the fun is immense.

Ascent: 1221m
Descent: 1525m

Water Point 1 at 39km, run by Pevensey Place Association
Water Point 2 at 63km, run by Goxhill Primary

Race village hosted by MacKenzie Club and Lynford Country School.

You have ridden seven days of the Beloved Country. You are now in Alan Paton country. Alan Paton wrote Çry the Beloved Country, a literary masterpiece and his inspiration comes from this region where he lived. Our slogan Ride the Beloved Country is derived from his genius.

The club is a place for farmers and their families to socialise and thanks to mountain biking we have been able to uplift our facilities, as well as raise money for schools and charities, in desperate need of funds. The MacKenzie Club race village is a collaboration of people coming together to show what can be done when people work together. If you look around you will see how funds have helped keep a club alive.

The community are seasoned pros at looking after mountain bikers. For them joberg2c is a dress rehearsal for sani2c, for us it is beautiful and tranquil stop-over in the heart of dairy country. When you are not smelling cow dung you might get a sniff of the sea air. You are getting close.

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