Day 6 - Clifton Prep to Glencairn Farm

22 APRIL - 30 APRIL 2022

Day 6 – Clifton Prep to Glencairn Farm

Day 6 – the beauty of South Africa!

This is a day where you will wear your fingers out taking photograhps. Spectacular climbs and super fast descents awaits as you ride through rural South Africa. This is what riding the beloved country means.

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If there is a day that reflects rural beauty this is it.

Distance: 97km
Ascent: 1940m
Descent: 1868m

Water Point 1 at 31km, run by Kamberg Valley Association
Water Point 2 at 59km, run by Underberg School
Water Point 3 at 73km, run by Pevensey Place Association

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Race village hosted by Underberg Primary School

Underberg is an administrative town in a dairy and cattle farming community in the Mzimkulu River valley of KwaZulu-Natal. It is situated at the foot of the 1904m Hlogoma Peak (place of echoes) in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal. Underberg was established in 1917 when the railway from Pietermaritzburg reached the area. It is an important commercial centre for the region’s farming industry providing many of the support services.

Underberg Primary School relies on joberg2c for much needed funds so they can employ a few extra teachers. They will be welcoming you and serving you at Glencairn Farm. These wonderful moms and dads are familiar with mountain biking thanks to sani2c and joberg2c which contribute massively to the area.

Glencairn is fast becoming a sought after wedding venue. If you are planning to get married again or for the first time consider this haven on the foothills of Sani Pass.


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