Day 5 - Emseni Camp to Clifton Prep

22 APRIL - 30 April 2022

Day 5 – Emseni Camp to Clifton Prep

Day 5 is one of the tougher days on mainly rural farm roads and through some pristine dairy farms as the route climbs and climbs until the tranquil grounds of Clifton Preparatory.

It is not a technical mountain bike day but rather one that gives riders a chance to look up and take in some magnificent scenery. We call it Africa day as we ride through the heart of this great country. Look out for Africa Falls at the bottom of Wagondrift dam. The farms the people, the views are spectacular. There is the small issue of Nigel Blaker’s climb before water point 3 which is another Isuzu low-Range section.

The Wagondrift and Springrove Dams add to the majestic views and Derek Greene’s dairy farm is a treat for those who understand pastures. Is a long beautiful ride with the folks at Clifton waiting to pamper you.

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Possibly the hardest day of your 9 day adventure if you are a trail rider and the easiest if you are a bit of gravelie/roadie

Distance: 118km
Ascent: 1750m
Descent: 1215m

Water Point 1 at 37km, run by Winterton Lutherin Church
Water Point 2 at 66km, run by Emphangweni Lutheran Church
Water Point 3 at 87km, run by Hlatikulu Endangered Wildlife Fund
Water Point 4 at 103km, run by Treverton School

Race village hosted by Clifton Prep, Nottingham Road

Nottingham Road is known as the ‘heart’ of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander due to its outstanding hospitality, truly beautiful surroundings, fascinating local events and activities, invigorating outdoor recreation, historic landmarks and wildlife conservation.

The picturesque, ordered beauty and attractions of Nottingham Road’s extensive farmlands remain deeply rooted in antiquity. Quaint country taverns and a network of luxurious holiday accommodation proudly perpetuate the district’s century-and-a-half-old, hallmark tradition of gracious living. This piece above was written by one of the primary school kids at Clifton which shows what an English department they have.

Clifton Prep has one of best settings for a child imaginable. The school is the perfect blend of outdoors and education. The parents will bend over backwards for you all as they too lay on a spread fit for kings and queens. You will be welcomed by the kids who love their school.  Like all the other schools joberg2c is a major fund raising activity of their year. They also hold the record for the most profit thanks to the other sponsors they have been able to attract.

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