Day 3 - Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam

22 APRIL - 30 April 2022

Day 3 – Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam

Day 3 heads towards the Drakensberg mountains. This is one of the big days that defines the trained versus the undertrained.

A combination of remote farms, some fast farm roads and insanely fun single track awaits. Look out for one of our favourites a remote farm trail called Flow Job after water point 1.

As you work your way through farms and more farms, and other special lands, and as you negotiate some necessary k munching sections on gravel roads appreciate the space and peace of the Eastern Free State. The pinnacle of day 3 is Mt Paul.

Mt Paul, which is one of our Isuzu low-range climbs, will test weary legs but the descent makes all the pain worth it.

The trail off the mountain is one of the joberg2c top 10 and you will understand why. Harriston School travel 50km to set this village up at the Sterkfontein Dam resort. They will make you feel like kings and queens of Africa.

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Towards the edge of the world – the new section up Mt Paul comes late in the day, so make sure you have enough gas saved for one of the new legendary sections of single-track. The ride up Mt Paul is one of the Isuzu low range sections.

Distance: 120km
Ascent: 1150m
Descent: 1050m

Water Point 1 at 35km, run by Hoërskool Reitz
Water Point 2 at 65km, run by Reitz East Farmers Association/Reitz Oos Boere Vereeniging
Water Point 3 at 91km, run by Kestell Retirement Village

Race village hosted by Harriston Primary School, Harrismith

Sterkfontein Dam receives its water via the Tugela-Vaal Project which is a pumped-storage scheme involving the net transfer of up to 630 000 000m3 of water from KwaZulu-Natal. This is stored in the Sterkfontein Dam and released to the Vaal Dam via the Wilge River when needed. The Sterkfontein Dam is a highly effective reservoir, since it has the depth to store a large amount of water, with very little loss to evaporation. It is one of the largest earth dam walls in the world. And you will get to ride over it.

The teachers parents and pupils from Harriston, drive 50km to set-up this incredible race village on the banks of the dam. They make a weekend of it and you can tell they enjoy the experience just as much as you will. They will prepare a Karan Beef Oxtail Potjie that is a culinary feast.

The school also relies joberg2c for much needed funding. Robyn Leslie has been working joberg2c for 10 years in a row. She is a world champion organiser. She wants to handover to someone else next year. We won’t let her.

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