Day 1 - Karan Beef to Frankfort

22 APRIL - 30 APRIL 2022

Day 1 – Karan Beef to Frankfort

Day 1 is our warm up day! It is a chance to calibrate your bike, your mind, body and soul for what lies ahead.

Karan Beef farm provides the perfect venue for our chilly autumn morning start. Once the kick off whistle blows its 900k’s to go. Karan Kopie is a testy little climb to spread the field out and from there it is in to farms and more farms. The pace down to the Vaal River on rural farm roads and through farms will be quick even though not a racing day.

You will cross over the Vaal river, from Gauteng to the Free State over the Villiers bridge. You will Leave your busy world behind as you get into the spirit of joberg2c as you experience your first taste of Free State hospitality at Frankfort. It is not an easy day but there is no pressure, as it is a neutral day where everyone will get the same time… a great time.

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Nothing has changed for this “warm-up” day except to say you will pedal every k which makes it deceptively tough. Life is all about percentages – on a 900km journey we need to make sure you have a large percentage of happiness to override a small percentage of “afkak”.

Distance: 111km
Descent: 800m
Ascent: 780m

Water Point 1 at 35km, run by Life Ministries
Water Point 2 at 65km, run by Life Ministries
Water Point 3 at 89km, run by Bambi Nursery School


Frankfort sports field – race village hosted by Höerskool Wilgerivier

Frankfort is a small farming town situated on the banks of the Wilge River in the Free State. The town was laid out in 1869 on the farm Roodepoort, and named Frankfurt (after Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany) by Albert van Gordon. It is a predominantly Afrikaans and Sotho speaking town.

The parents of Höerskool Wilgerivier will be your hosts at the sports grounds. The local farmers will gather to braai tender Karan Beef steaks. The moms and pops of this special town will ensure that your first night is a feast.

joberg2c is not only their biggest fund raiser of the year but it also is a chance for the community to come together “om saam te werk” (to work together).
We thank Willem and Anel for their dedication to joberg2c. Willem has been involved since inception and Anel has been either working on the Bambi water point or with the school and she has also clocked in at 10 years.

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