Racing categories

For some its a race for most its a ride

We do have many fast racing snakes who love dicing every stage. These are our racing categories

We know for most joberg2c is a tough rewarding ride but for some it is also an awesome dice across South Africa.

Only sections with 10 or more teams or 20 or more solo riders will constitute a racing category e.g if there are only a few female vet teams and masters they will just be part of the overall women’s section.

For a full breakdown of how our racing and category works please visit – the category is determined by the youngest member of the team.

CategoryMinimum ageMaximum age
Mens team 19 39
Mens vets team 40 49
Mens master team 50 59
Mens grand master 60 99
Mens solo 19 39
Mens vets solo 40 49
Mens master solo 50 59
Mens grand master solo 60 99
Ladies team 19 39
Ladies vets team 40 49
Ladies solo 19 99
Amabokke-bokkie mixed 19 99

Tandem category

The joberg2c is perfect for proper mountain bike tandems. We have even had a team with a blind member Douglas Sidialo, on the back and they managed to get through. So with this in mind, there will be a tandem category if we get enough tandems. Three tandem teams constitutes a race.


Beef category

The Beef category is a weight division for South African mountain biking! Riders need to weigh at least 90 kgs in order to qualify. Therefore the minimum weight for a team is 180 kgs. To register visit us Registration on 21 April 2022.


All major racing category winners will be rewarded with prizes.