Ask our riders

Don't take our word for it

As organisers we can try sell joberg2c all over the world. But it is not really important what we say. It is what our riders say that counts. Word of mouth is our most important advertisement. If you haven’t personally met anyone who has ridden, have a read at what some of our riders say. We promise these are genuine and other than a few beers they were not paid to say these nice things.

Below are some of our previous riders from around the world who are available on email for questions and to discuss the event from a rider’s perspective. Naturally, these riders loved their joberg2c experience. Email any of them to get some insight.

Jan Hilmer Larsen rode this year and rode two years ago. He can talk to anyone in Scandinavian languages and speaks better English than we do in South Africa. Jan brought out about 8 great Danes to ride this year and the seemed to have a great time.

Email –

Jan lives 25 km from Copenhagen

Mountain biking experience – Jan started Mt. biking at 45 years old. He is a social biker who enjoys the outdoor life and keeping acceptably fit and healthy through riding. He loves good food, good wine, good beer, family and friends. He has ridden joberg2C in 2013 and 2016. Other MTB events include sani2c in South Africa, Birkebiner in Norway, Bockstensturen in Sweden, Hillerød MTB marathon in Denmark, Guided MTB tour of the Lake Districts in England.

I am not a mountain bike professional but an enthusiast. I would love to share what I have experienced in South Africa. joberg2c is my best sporting discovery.

I have already ridden 4 times in a row. 2020 was to be my 5th participation. I will come back in 2021. I live on the Herve plateau, in Soumagne in the Walloon region in Belgium.

I have already organised the trip from Belgium for almost 20 riders. We also usually stay an extra week to explore the country.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email

joberg2c vs Cape Epic)

Danny Vogel is one of our joberg2c champion guys – he even has a joberg2c tattoo on his leg so he may be a bit biased. Danny is from Germany and has ridden all over the world. This year he did the Cape Epic and joberg2c so he can talk you through both events.


“I have done the Cape Epic, the Trans Alps, the Southern Tropical Challenge in Mauritius, the Trans Schwarzwald, joberg2c 6 times and something around 200 other big and little 1 day events in Germany in the last 12 years. I went cycling in Nepal, Spain, France and did a trip around Norway and Sweden only with my bike and a tent. In the beginning, I did the races more or less competitive but since a few years only for the love and passion to ride my bike and discover new places and meet people.

In my everyday life, I work freelance based for an event agency and we organize big events for companies such as team buildings and incentives. Mostly outdoors and things like archery, cycling tours, rafting, hiking, geocaching, offload training etc.

A part of the European winter I spend in Mauritius and organize adventure trips/holidays for the ‘less-posh’ tourists by myself.”

Ian Coop has done ten joberg2c events and Carly nine. They know the event inside out. They are coming back in 2020! If you would like to know about our event and some comparisons to others style wise then give them a shout. The have awesome experience in staying on in South Africa for extended holidays too. Home – London


“Myself and my wife have ridden many MTB races/stage races in both Europe and Africa and the ever-evolving joberg2c has become a firm favourite of ours. Be it the joberg2c event, enjoying South Africa the country or tackling a training schedule that will get you through the 9 days with confidence, I am more than happy to offer any advice that may be of help.”

Doing it tandem style

Carlos and Sophie Garcia love riding their tandem you can see it on their faces. They have done two joberg2c’s all the way from the states.


Carlos Garcia and his wife Sophie have been riding, touring and racing tandems for over 10 years. A couple of years ago they jump into off-road tandem to expand their riding experienced and loved it! After seeing a photo of a MTB tandem crossing a water bridge at joberg2c, they signed up to the race. With about 6 months of planning and training, they travelled from Philadelphia, PA to experience the people and country of South Africa. After completing two joberg2c in their MTB tandem they consider the experience as one of the most memorable ones in their life. Carlos is also the director of the Tandem Club of America to provide a platform to share thousands of photos taken by his family and other riders at joberg2c.

What does it take to get to joberg2c with a bike or a tandem? How much training is needed? What are the trails like? Are they tandem friendly? What happens after joberg2c finishes? Feel free to ask!

Sonya Looney is a Pro mountain biker and adventure. She is passionate about riding her bike. We met her in 2016 and she is pure energy. She rides with a rare mix of intensity and a smile on her dial. Sonya is also probably the only mountain biker with a TED talk.


“I have stage raced on just about every continent and in nearly 20 countries. I have won the 2015 World 24-Hour Champion and have over 25+ career wins. However, for me, racing is about testing personal limits, expanding a global frame of reference, and seeing the world. I have learned so much about life and myself from racing and the relationships I have built along the way. I have met some of the most courageous, inspiring people at races and even met my husband at a bike race! I can’t imagine what life would have been like I hadn’t picked up a mountain bike just before my 20th birthday. “

Rowan Tatchell is a rare soft-spoken Aussie but just as tough as his louder compatriots. He has ridden joberg2c a few times and his wife Jo has worked on the event as a volunteer. They have also traveled South Africa after the event and give some great insight.


You can also email Jo his wife who worked on joberg2c as a volunteer

“I live in Melbourne, 59 years old and have been riding mountain bikes for about 10 years.
I have participated in a number of stage races/rides over the past 7-8 years starting with Wildside in Tasmania, Terra Australis in Victoria and joberg2C in South Africa (3 times).

I ride a mix of road and MTB cycling. I often go out with my local bike shop rides on Tuesday evenings and ride a mix of bike paths and more challenging single track around Melbourne and in the surrounding hills (Warrandyte/Watsons Creek and Plenty Gorge).

I have participated in three joberg2C events (2012, 2014 & 2016) and have come back mostly unscathed (apart from a bout of gastro and a nasty fall requiring stitches).

Riding in South Africa is always a pleasure because I can turn off from the day to day pressures and allow the organisers to do everything for me (except pedal) for 9 relaxing days and then go and tour other parts of the African continent.

I’m happy to talk over any finer details if prospective riders have any questions about their prospective entry in joberg2c”.