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You are a step closer to the ride of your life!

Riding 900k’s across South Africa is hard enough without having to figure everything out logistically or mechanically or logically – the idea is that you switch off from mainstream life a bit. So if you can’t find the answers here, email us anytime and we will hopefully be able to put your questions to rest.

joberg2c is a full-service 9 day 900km (600mile) point to point mountain bike stage ride / race through four provinces of South Africa. It starts 70km south of Johannesburg on the Karan Beef farm and finishes 9 days later on the beach in Scottburgh a small town 50km south of Durban.

It is not a tour and you will have to earn your medal by riding the full 9 days. If you are fit you will enjoy the ride and if you are fit and fast you can race for some great prize money and prizes.

2022 will be the 11th edition of the event. We unfortuantly missed the 2020/2021 edition! The event will take place from 22 April to 30 April – registration is on the 21st April in Johannesburg.

No it is not a tour!

joberg2c is a tough rewarding mountain bike ride across South Africa. Riders must ride each day unless injured or sick. If a rider has to miss a day the event is not responsible for their bike or person transport. They will need to make their own plan. With this in mind riders need to be fit and prepared for the entire journey. You start at Karan Beef and you ride to the sea.

The field size is limited to 800 riders. We have around 300 travelling crew to ensure that we make the joberg2c special.

Solo entry: R35850

Team entry: R31000 per rider.

Group discount: for every 10 riders who are part of a group, the 11th will ride for free or a 10% discount on your entrance fee.

Please note: costs for flights to and from South Africa and accommodation before and after the ride are not included.

What does your registration fee include:

  • Nine days of private and public route across South Africa with full medical and off-road rescue support
  • 250km of single track trails over the 900km route
  • Eight full supported race villages with tented accommodation (a two-man tent to share or if you are riding solo then a tent to yourself!)
  • In addition, you will receive a 10cm comfy mattress. You will need to bring your own single sheet, sleeping bag (-8deg Celsius), pillow and a thin blanket
  • Three awesome meals a day plus stacks of snacks in between at some of the finest race villages you will ever experience hosted by local communities – including some of the finest mouth-watering Karan Beef steaks (please let us know if you have a special dietary requirement – we will try to accommodate you)
  • Access to all the race facilities i.e. hot proper showers, bike wash facility, free Seattle Coffee etc.
  • Extensive medical support is included however you will need travel insurance in case of hospitalisation
  • Full logistical support from Avis Van Rental who will transport your bag from race village to race village
  • Water points / hydration zones – each day you will be treated to 2-3 water points along the route. These are not your average water points. People have been known to put on weight during joberg2c because of the great food.
  • You will not go hungry. We would however, suggest that you bring your favourite energy bars / drinks along with you
  • Awesome private route that you cannot ride any other time through hundreds of farms and rural communities
  • Loads of other nice things that we will surprise you with including items of clothing

Does not include:

  • Any flights to and from the event
  • Accommodation before and after the event
  • Any shuttles you may need to and from airports
  • Shuttle to the start in Heidelberg will be a nominal extra
  • Massages and bike mechanic service (see the In the race village section for more information)
  • Drinks from our race village bars (all profits go to schools).

Yes for more important information on travelling to South Africa please visit our international travel section.

The route if 95% off-road, with a combination of rural gravel roads, quiet farms roads, and over 250km of single track trails. Visit our website for more information.

GPS navigation means you will need to use a GPS device to navigate the route. We have done this for 5 years and it is really simple and special way to follow the route. We have loads of support and back up but it is a great way to take in the country and for us to keep our route clean from marking. Please click here for more info.

Please don’t be scared of this it is really fun and easy – talk to us if you are worried.

Your bum needs to be able to cope with 9 days 900km of riding – so this is important to ride lots. You need to be able to make our very reasonable cut offs for safety reasons.

If you want to race joberg2c then you need to be fit and fast and you should consider consulting with expert trainers for specific advice.

If you want to enjoy the ride you need to be able to a minimum of two rides in the week and two on the weekend starting as soon as possible in the build-up. It best to find a group of riders who are training for joberg2c and you can join them.

Over the years all shapes and sizes have finished the journey – to have a really good time you don’t want to be on your bike all day – you would like to be in the village by 2 to 3pm each day so you can still enjoy an afternoon beer.

Please see our training section on our website if you want professional advice.

If you are injured or sick you may miss a day and continue riding provided you make your own plans to get to the next race village. joberg2c does not offer a rider or bike shuttle service during the event from village to village. If you miss a day due to injury or illness you will obviously not be an official finisher. If you miss two consecutive days we will ask you to leave the event.

We have full medical back up through-out the event. We have some of the world’s best hospitals and doctors and you will be in the best care possible. It is your responsibility to have proper medical insurance to cover any hospital expenses.

This is very subjective – there are many riders who ride different bikes.

If you want to race then the best would be a light marathon full suspension bike

If you want to ride to enjoy then a slightly longer travel marathon or light trail bike will be perfect.
If you only have a hard tail and you are quite tough then you will be fine.

We even have some crazy people riding the event on rigid single speed bikes.

We ride the dry run on 29inch marathon bikes capable of being trail bikes.

NB fast rolling, tubeless tyres, with a strong side wall are essential and possibly more important than what bike you ride. Please don’t try ride without tubeless tyres – this is Africa we have rocks and thorns!

You can ride an E-Bike provided you give us good reason why you should – we will send you and application form to fill out if you wish to take this option.

You will not be timed. There is no E-Bike category and you will need to 100% self-sufficient regarding battery charging and with regards to extra batteries. The race villages do not provide E-Bike battery charging facilities so you would need to stay in a B&B or discuss with our many bike mechanics if they provide that service.

Also note you cannot fly with an E-Bike battery so international riders will need to try get a battery or E-bike in South Africa.

If you are travelling from far away we recommend you arrive in Johannesburg a few days before to acclimatize. We are planning to offer some pre ride options and local tours so keep in touch.

There are many exciting things to after the event if you want to stay on – South Africa is famous for our safari’s and you could also plan a trip to Cape Town. If you want to do more riding in other parts of the country let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

We have some great contacts on our website for more info from riders. We will also put you in touch with other riders from your country if they all agree to forming a group.

We are available on email for entry information and general information.

Many of our riders choose to ride for a charity – we have three awesome charities that we encourage riders to get involved with- both these charities are doing great things on our route to assist those people in need. South Africa is a land of the haves and the have nots and through joberg2c we try to assist in correcting the imbalance in our own small way.

Please visit our website to find out more about the Nelson Mandela Library Project, the Surgeons for Little Lives.

Take some time out to watch the different days to get a full picture of the event – video highlights.

Or some of the awesome photographs – daily photos.

If you have more questions please email

Thank you, Danke, Gracias, Je vous remercie, Dank je