Day 6 - Clifton Prep to Glencairn Farm

If there is a day that tests mountain biking skill this is it.

Our aim is was to add variation which is always the spice of a mountain bikers life.

Distance: 97km
Ascent: 1940m
Descent: 1868m

Water Point 1 at 31km, run by Kamberg Valley Association
Water Point 2 at 59km, run by Underberg School
Water Point 3 at 73km, run by Pevensey Place Association

Day 6 is a trail riders dream – there are one or two steep surprises, which are seriously steep but more importantly there are some sections of single track happiness to seriously make lovers of proper riding excited. It is challenging in sections.

There will be a controlled start through the village of Nottingham Rd towards Fort Nottingham Rd. You will appreciate some free k’s on tar, then district road and eventually some serious back country tracks and trails never before been ridden.

The first climb of the day is the steepest climb on joberg2c. It is only 2.5km long but has sections where the handle bar will touch your nose. It is called Gumtree climb: not only are you surrounded by gumtrees but after this climb you will want to sell your bike so Gumtree is a fitting name.

This love hate climb is a Isuzu low range section. To get up this climb without putting your foot down is a proper challenge. The asecent on this climb is 400m in 2.5km so work it out. After the climb you will plateau onto some truly special farm lands. You will feel the remoteness and peacefulness of Ivanhoe Farm, one of the biggest farming operations in the land. You will also find water point 1 conveniently placed after your mammoth climb.

William Bryant’s farm is literally on the edge-of-the-world – it will then be time to experience Harrison’s pass – a trail created by Glenn Harrison on the edge of the mountain that will make you very happy to be alive. Practise your switchbacks! There are 32 of them.

Whizzing down through the tribal land you will come into Chief Zuma territory. Through the tribal village we cross the Nzinga River as we climb to our next section of special riding Rock and Roll – 6km section of free wheeling trail. With more than one rock to contend with.

You will rock and roll down to the Umkomaas. Not the last time you will cross this mighty river. A welcome water point will refuel you. From the Umkomaas it is a bit of a toil to the Sappi Forest section. You will enter Slow Poison – a proper gradual climb in the forest.

There is reward – a super fast descent on the brand new So Sappi trail carved by Glenn Harrison. This 3km trail will be one of the highlights of your journey. You will go through Jack Lund’s farm as you work your way to one of the most restful stops at Glencairn farm. You will relaxing on green pastures with full view of the Drakensberg (if there is no mist). You will have made day 6 – three days to go. Your hosts are Underberg school.