Day 5 - Emseni Camp to Clifton Prep

Possibly the hardest day of your 9 day adventure if you are a trail rider and the easiest if you are a bit of gravelie/roadie

Distance: 118km
Ascent: 1750m
Descent: 1215m

Water Point 1 at 37km, run by Winterton Lutherin Church
Water Point 2 at 66km, run by Emphangweni Lutheran Church
Water Point 3 at 87km, run by Hlatikulu Endangered Wildlife Fund
Water Point 4 at 103km, run by Treverton School

After an early morning start at Emseni we cruise next to the Tugela river before entering some proper Berg and Bush trails.  The first 30km is entirely new – is better – it is bush it is farm it is lekker. We cross the Little Tugela on a bridge and then through some farms before getting onto gravel road that is never ending but actually very beautiful. This is a transition day and we have made it shorter and faster.

Day 5 is about the journey towards the mountains. You will pass rural communities and Wagondrift Dam, you will climb out of the Bushman’s River Valley as you cross Dalton’s bridge, and you will pass a private reserve called Zulu Waters. You will climb, and while joberg2c does not boast about how tough our ride is, you will realise getting to Scottburgh requires some mettle.

As you climb the “The Rise” you slog your way towards Water Point 3 at the 92km mark. The climb before water point 3 is now an Isuzu Low Range Climb – and we have called it “Blakers” named after Nigel Blaker the landowner.

You will feel the high altitude air and see the central Drakensberg soaring into the sky. Water point 3 is a welcome break from the climbs. The passionate folk from the Hlatikulu Endangered Wildlife Fund will top your energy levels up for the relatively easier off-roads ahead. There is a super fast descent not far after water point 3 – be very careful. You will kill off many k’s but don’t lose control.

The rest of the 25km journey to Clifton School takes you past dairy farms, over dam walls and through back country roads to your place of rest. There is a bonus water point 4 on the ugly sister rolling hills to keep spirits high at the 11okm mark hosted by Treverton School. You will need to top up energy levels for the little sting in the long day 5 trail.

Clifton School uses joberg2c for more than just fundraising, they use it to raise fun as a team-building exercise among parents, teachers and pupils. The result is another passionate race village .