Ride the beloved country

The Route is King

Every year we try add in more riding pleasure. We ride the route, we discuss the route, we argue about the route, and we produce the route. It is all about what we think you will enjoy most. Thanks to our new route sponsor Richfield, you should be in for the ride of your life.

With 2020 and 2021 as non-starters we now look forward to 2022 which will be our 11th year of riding the beloved country. We have come along way from the primitive routes of 2010 to where we are now. We have added more sections of single track happiness for 2022 and we will continue to strive for a balance of rural farm roads to get you places verses single track to put smiles on your faces.

The Route is King – 99.5% off-road, Isuzu track, tons of single-track, rural secondary roads and some k munching district road… There’s only about 20km of tar (asphalt) along the entire 900km. joberg2c is a ride where the destination is less important than the journey. It is about the variation and beauty of this incredible country. You will ride trails never ridden and you will meet communities you would never have never known. Make no mistake, joberg2c is a tough but extremely rewarding ride if you have prepared your bum for 9 days.

The descriptions of each day’s route is a guide as to what to expect after we have completed our pre-ride. Elevation stats are never the same for two devices so these are an approximation.

Day 1 – Karan Beef to Frankfort

Day 2 – Frankfort to Reitz

Day 3 – Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam

Day 4 – Sterkfontein Dam to Emseni Camp

Day 5 – Emseni Camp to Clifton Prep

Day 6 – Clifton Prep to Glencairn Farm

Day 7 – Glencarin Farm to MacKenzie club

Day 8 – MacKenzie Club to Jolivet

Day 9 – Jolivet to Scottburgh