Training for enjoyment

Train to avoid pain

There are those who train to win and there are those who train to avoid pain. If you put some smart work in you will enjoy joberg2c. There are many training programs around the world that will assist. Our philosophy is never over train but make sure you come in prepared. Below are some inspired training gurus and ideas on how to get your bum in shape for 9 days of abuse.

Training is very personal. Over ten years we have seen all shapes and sizes complete this iconic ride across South Africa. However they all had one thing in common: a tough behind that was prepared for distance. We welcome personal trainers around the world to list their services here. Our recommended partners list will grow.


Training in the Johannesburg area


If you live in the central Johannesburg Area you will definitely want to pop into Cyclezone in Rosebank for vibey indoor training sessions. As a joberg2c rider your first session will be free. It is a great, social way, to stay in shape in the busy periods of life. Contact Leré on +27 76 495 7568.


Training with Coach Gavin

If you would like a more personal approach then we also have our training guru Gavin Horton – Coach Gavin. While Coach Gavin is based in Johannesburg his knowledge and tailored programme with regular skype/email correspondence could be invaluable if you are a little uncertain about being in shape for the event.

The training program will include the following aspects:

  • Personalised training programme – the programmes will be designed according to the rider specific needs and will take into consideration factors such as available time, personal goals and ability
  • Multi-dimensional program – you get a programme that focusses not just on riding but on strength, power and endurance
  • Weekly feedback – you will be in contact with their coach weekly to get feedback on the previous weeks training, which allows for program adjustments where the need may arise
  • Flexible program – you ill get a program that is flexible and accommodates illness, injury and unexpected breaks in training
  • Recommended routes – you will be advised on recommended race specific training routes in their area
  • General tips – you will get advice on topics such as nutrition, recovery and injury prevention, bike maintenance and on-the trail repairs.

1. Rider assessments

  • Gym based strength assessment
  • Power bike assessment
  • Outdoor ride assessment.

2. Supervised sessions

  • Gym based strength sessions
  • Power bike sessions

Email Coach Gavin on