Day 9 “Sage 9” - finish

All good things must come to an end

Sad but true. The fun will come to an end. And when it does at Scottburgh Golf Club provides perfect venue to take it all in; the emotions, the euphoria and the reflection of the journey

Scottburgh Golf Club – 4 May

The Day 9 finish in Scottburgh will be at the Scottburgh Golf Club. You will ride onto the beach and see the sea, and then ride up to the golf club.

There will be drinks flowing so you can relax properly after your 900k ride.

Remember that Day 9 is our ‘Sage 9 Champagne’ stage ! Which means another neutral day where everyone gets a great time. Dress for the occasion. Wear your national colours/country flag/national icons with pride to add to the festivities.

After Party – Scottburgh Golf Club – 4 May 7pm

We know that most of you want to get home after 9 days of riding – mostly out of guilt – but also because you miss home.

However, for those who are staying over in Scottburgh – especially our foreign visitors we will have our usual informal after party at the Scottburgh Golf Club on Saturday evening.

It is a great way to celebrate your special journey and to say goodbye to friends. We will have some good grub and a few cold ones together. It does also turn in to a little party.

There is a nominal charge of R160 per person which includes a Beer (or similar) on tap and a delicious meal.