Laundry service

Do you have dirty laundry?

Thanks to Miele who sponsor two laundry services during joberg2c you can ride in clean crisp kit. We do know of one rider who ride the full 9 days in one set of bib shorts. We won’t mention any names.

Thanks to Miele Appliances you will be able to hand in your cycling kit twice along the way for free. This is an independent service sponsored by Miele Appliances. Proceeds will go to the communities.


Drop off 1

  • Day 2 – Reitz
  • Collect Day 4 – Emseni Camp

Drop off 2

  • Day 4 – Emseni Camp
  • Collect Day 6 – Glencairn

What does this mean?

It means that you will need a minimum of five sets of riding kit for joBerg2c*. The race villages along the joBerg2c route offer two pick-up points along the way.


Note the following

  • A Miele laundry bag will be provided
  • A maximum of TWO sets of cycling kit or 2kg’s per wash will be accepted by the collectors
  • Only cycling kit – shorts, socks and shirts will be accepted
  • If your Miele bag is overfilled your kit will not wash properly or dry properly so use your noggin
  • * You can also supplement this with your own hand wash if you bring biodegradable detergent which means you could get away with less kit.