The communities

The feel good factor

joberg2c uses a community inspired model from city to sea to achieve a feel good factor second to none. All our race villages and water points are organised and perfected by passionate schools and other organisations who use joberg2c to raise funds. For many joberg2c is their biggest fund raiser of the year.

Community inspired model

joberg2c uses what we call a community inspired model. This means we work with schools and other organisations on our route to bring you five star race villages and water points. We pay these schools to do the catering, erect the tents and to establish their villages with their own unique style. For most of these schools joberg2c is the biggest fund raiser of the year. We also pay each water point along the route which is a different charitable organisation. The result is true South African hospitality delivered by passionate moms, dads, pupils and teachers from city to the sea.

In 2019, the joberg2c paid out R4.5 million to schools and institutions to host the race villages and water points. We paid out a further R1.2 million to various suppliers directly on our route and towards our route building. The total amount paid back into communities is approximately R35 million (a conservative estimate!) over a 10-year period.

More than yourself

In addition to the paid beneficiaries, joberg2c also works with official charities that use the event to raise funds. We have partnered with a few charities that have done invaluable work, including The Nelson Mandela Library Project and Surgeons for Little Lives. You can read more about these in More than yourself section.


joberg2c has inspired a Soweto-based team. This team started out as four, and has grown to 10 talented riders. This team represents the perfect opportunity for a corporate sponsor to connect with a growing Soweto mtb community. Contact us for more info.