Our soul purpose

Ride the beloved country

Our aim is to provide a world-class mountain bike ride that is truly uplifting. Not only will passionate mountain bikers ride the off-roads less travelled and trails never travelled through South Africa, they will also know that all our communities who host our race villages and water points are being uplifted at the same time.

joberg2c is a mountain bike stage ride created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. With 10 years of track record, joberg2c has become one of the world’s must-do long stage rides.

While earning the T shirt is still important, it will never be more important than the experience. That is our sole purpose. To offer mountain bikers from South Africa and around the world a journey through the heart of South Africa that they will remember forever. The ride will always be more important than the destination.

Proud passionate village communities will host you at every race village and every water point. By riding joberg2c you will help uplift these communities and give them a proper way to raise money for their schools, churches and charities. Every organisation who works on joberg2c is paid.

From race villages to road crossings to watering points, it is a way for these communities to raise money and work together for fun. Ask any previous rider and they will tell you that the difference between other mountain biking events and joberg2c is the unique community spirit from village to village.

These communities want your experience to be the best-ever and it will show in the way they look after you.

South Africa is a country with enormous challenges and complexity. joberg2c is a solution. It shows what can happen when people work together to create something special.

joberg2c SoulPurpose