Nelson Mandela Library Project

Participate for good 2019 special arrangements

In partnership with Participate For Good and the Nelson Mandela Day Project, nine libraries have already been established on our route and one more is ready to go. There are several riders already supporting this amazing cause.

By choosing to do one of the most spectacular mountain bike adventures you will ever experience, you will also be choosing to become involved in changing the world we live in, by generating funds for the Mandela Day Library campaigns of the Long Walk to Freedom Mandela Bangles.

The following details are specific to the 2020 race only and through the generous co-operation of the race organisers we have the following for you based on your participation:

  • You are required to enter the race normally
  • All proceeds each rider raises will go towards the Mandela Day Bangles Library Project (we hope to deliver the libraries during the race, so start collecting as soon as possible. Click here to see a video example of he first few libraries we donated).
  • You pay all the funds you raised directly to your project via the Participate for Good automated credit card system you have registered on, and every donor will be documented and acknowledged.
  • All corporate funds secured can be paid via EFT and will add to your target
  • Libraries will be delivered on the joBerg2c route and vetted by all including the joBerg2c team
  • Names of each of the riders and the people who sponsored significant amounts (R40 000 or more) will appear on the actual library delivered. The web site will have all projects delivered listed with multimedia information and details for sponsors and donors to view once delivered.

The targets are per individual, not per team:

  • If you raise R9500 or more: You will receive one full set of Mandela Day Riding kit (rain jacket, wind-jammer, top and arm-warmers)
  • If you raise R35000 or more: You will receive an extra shirt and a free maintenance contract (service every day for 8 days) for the duration of the race
  • If you raise R70000 or more before 1 December: You will receive a R10 000 deduction in entry fee for the 2018 joBerg2c race and 3 additional shirts
  • If you raise R130000 or more before 2 December: You will receive a full credit for your entry fee

Each rider will receive a limited edition Titanium 46664 bangle once they reach a donation target of R9 500. These bangles are not available in shops and are only given to entries of the Participate for Good campaign and associated events.

Each library we deliver is constructed from an old shipping container (12 meters) that we purchase and revamp with all windows, doors, carpets, lights, electricity and insulation as well as painting with Sponsored logos. The libraries are then stocked with over 1000 books and delivered as fully functional units to a disadvantaged school identified by the Department of Education in conjunction with Soul Buddies, a 200 000 strong kids organisation who help us identify the schools.

The libraries vary in price due to location and transport costs, but an average unit will cost almost R235 000 when delivered with a kids bangle and Celebrity campaign for additional messaging. All participants and your donors are welcome to attend the opening ceremony and will be notified of this occasion.

  • To help promote the ethos of Mandela Day and the Social Justice messaging of Long Walk to Freedom
  • Use Participate for Good software provided to build a rider campaign as a Charity Champion (an automated system that allows you to collect money from debit and credit cards globally)
  • Wear the Kit on Day 1 and Day 9 of the JoBerg2c and other days if possible
  • Wear the Kit (Jacket) on any official interview, TV or Radio relating to the riders Participate for Good Library Campaign
  • joBerg2c funds will be for a library identified on the joBerg2c route only
  • Have fun and most of all enjoy the privilege of riding across our beautiful country!
  • Your Charity Champion registration on can be updated at any time, simply log in and update pictures, message, target and emails
  • Use the Facebook and other social media network links to promote your cause
  • Emailing works very well to get your message out there so send emails from the system to get donations
  • Watch your mail for gatherings and events where we will all be participating
  • Tell all your friends to join up as well irrespective of what event they are participating in
  • Good luck and hope to see you on the trail!

For support of items not listed here its best to email; or call +27 011 0426662.