Dont panic we have the mechanic

joberg2c invites selected bike shops to offer mechanic support packages to put your mind at rest. These mechanics work until the early hours of the morning to keep bikes running smooth. They are an asset to a long ride like joberg2c.

Hattons Cycles

Contact: Navin on

Package includes:

  • Bike wash
  • Lube bicycle components
  • Check bike for wear
  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • Check brake pads
  • Torque bolts
  • Check front and rear wheel tension
  • Adjust tyre pressure as needed
  • Sealant topped up
  • Excludes spares.


Tech Zone

Contact: JP on, 0828096445

Our service package includes:

  • Clean & lube
  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted
  • Wheels trued and tensioned
  • Sealant check
  • Full point check on the entire bike (Torque of all bolts)
  • Chain and drive-chain checked for wear
  • Tyres checked for wear, damage and inflated
  • All bearings checked for safety and adjusted if required
  • Secure lockup.


Hermanus Cycles

Contact: Leon on or, 082 932 3938

Our service package includes:

  • Daily wash, lube and polish
  • Gear shifting and brakes checked and adjusted if needed
  • Sealants checked every second day
  • Suspension pivots checked daily
  • Pressure in shocks and tyres checked and inflated if needed
  • Sealants and consumables included in service cost
  • Suspension fork or rear shock service costs are NOT included in this package
  • The bikes remain with us overnight, locked up and if possible under roof.


My Bicycle Mechanic

Contact Conrad on 0r 0738910375

Our 8 Day Service package includes:

  • Wash and lube
  • Full point check
  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted
  • Chain and drive-chain checked
  • Tyres checked for wear, damage and inflated
  • Sealant check
  • Wheels trued and tensioned
  • All bearings – checked for safety
  • Overnight lock-up
  • This excludes all spares – we also offer a special pre-service package as well as bike transportation for all the Pretoria participants.


Bobby’s Cycles

ontact Mo on or 0716862365 or 0396823499

We are offering an 8-day service package which includes:

  • Wash and clean bike daily
  • Lube chain and tune gears
  • Check bearings / pivots /brakes /spokes etc
  • Top up sealant
  • Pre-race check daily
  • Bookings are essential.


Concept Cyclery

or 0325863681


  • A full strip down and service prior to the event
  • Transportation to the start
  • Servicing of the bikes each day
  • Transportation of the bikes back to Concept Cyclery from the finish at Scottburgh
  • A service of the bikes back at Concept Cyclery after the event before collection.


Cyclists Workshop

Contact josh on
or 0732617483


  • Full wash and lube
  • Wear check on the following: chain, brake pads and tyre tread
  • Play check on the following: frame, BB, headset and both hubs
  • Checking gears and brakes
  • Checking all bolts on the bicycle
  • Checking suspension
  • Pre and post servicing
  • Bicycle transport.



Contact Monique on


  • Pre-race service
  • During the event the bike will kept in top condition
  • Daily wash and a minor service daily including checking all components for wear or damage, setting your gears, checking tyre pressures and lubing the chain.
  • Your bike will be ready for collection every morning at our Mobile Workshop
  • Bike transport offered.


Over the Bars Cycles

Contact Mark on or 0768951576


Cycle Wrench Works

Contact ricardo on or 0849174053